Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Light winds

Station 6, 20:10 EST

42° 53.684’ N, 59° 48.143’ W

Winds: 33 knots

The CTD on is on its way back to the surface. Two hours ago it was only 10 meters above the seafloor, 2984 meters down into the cold, calm darkness, gently hanging from a 1/4 inch cable. The journey started 3 hours ago when the seas were calm and the winds were light. But three hours can change everything. The winds have picked up to 33 knots, white caps cover the sea like stars cover the night, and Atlantis is starting to roll. And as I type, the sky opened up. It is pouring. But it could be worse... Time to suit up and get this thing back on deck.

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